Deepend recently partnered with Unigo.com to launch a new web platform revolutionizing the college search experience. Unigo provides a free, wholly interactive, constantly updated service that features more unique content about America's colleges than every other college resource, online and off. Unigo accomplishes this by harnessing the eagerness of America's 14.7 million college students to comprehensively review the colleges they attend.

Featuring an intuitive user-friendly design, the fully interactive site from Deepend offers tens of thousands of candid and authentic college reviews, videos, photos, documents and more – all searchable within an online student community that fosters peer-to-peer connection.

Unigo utilizes the interactivity and richness of the Internet to turn an otherwise stressful college selection process into a fun, communal, truly multimedia experience.


Unigo Branding

Deepend worked closely with the Unigo management team to develop its brand positioning, name, brand mark and affiliated collateral materials to support their mission, "to be the number one resource for students researching and attending college".

Deepend's brand positioning outlined an opportunity for Unigo to take the appropriate position in their competitive market. Unigo's brand essence, 'for students, by students' allows the brand to:

  • Focus on education and life development.
  • Communicate the positive uncertainties of the future.
  • Convey a sense of adventure and exploration.
  • Imply 'search', 'discovery' and 'definition'.
  • Be position neutral to its four target audiences.